Engineered Timber Floors

14mm Engineered Flooring Melbourne Western Suburbs

Timber Flooring Melbourne


Timber Flooring Melbourne


Timber Floors Melbourne


Timber Flooring Melbourne


Timber Floors Melbourne


Timber Floors Melbourne


Timber Flooring Melbourne


Engineered Timber Flooring Melbourne


Engineered Flooring Western Suburbs Melbourne


Timber Flooring Melbourne


Timber Flooring Melbourne


Timber Flooring


Engineered flooring in Melbourne Western Suburbs has become a popular product with our customers. They are a viable alternative to wood floors, including hard word floors. They offer a more affordable, labour non-intensive options for many of our customers. Customers also appreciate that engineered flooring requires less logging to be produced, so it suits the environmentally conscious who would yet like the handsome look of traditional floors. We have such top quality engineered flooring for Melbourne – you’d have to be an expert to tell the difference!

If you’re concerned about range, we have a wide pallet of wood tones and colours available, from rich dark browns, to paler shades. Whatever the pre-existing décor of your home, we can find you the perfect engineered flooring in Melbourne to suit your taste. Buying engineered flooring does not mean you have to settle with off cuts or limited range.

Engineered flooring is easy to install. In fact, it’s so easy to install that engineered flooring is really a DIY enthusiasts’ dream. With a bit of gumption, patience, and a can-do attitude, anyone can install these floors. Any sufficiently flat surface can accommodate engineered flooring. It can be laid over older floorboards that aren’t suitable for sanding and polishing. It can also be stored over a concrete slab or sheet flooring. As soon as the floor is installed, it is ready to be walked on. You don’t need to sand or polish the floor. The floors used have been treated already.

All in all, this means that there is minimal disruption to your home! The floors themselves are extremely strong. They won’t warp or crack or rock. Thanks to a unique technology, our floors are strong enough to last you for years to come.

So, if you’re looking for quality engineered flooring in Melbourne Western Suburbs, call us today!