About us

About Us

Timber Flooring Tarneit

Who We Are?

Discount Flooring Supplies, a wholesaler specialising in timber flooring, was recently established in Laverton North by a team who has had about 8 years experience supplying and installing flooring. In that time, our team of experts have not only gained valuable knowledge about the different types of flooring and the industry guidelines but more importantly an invaluable understanding of a customer’s needs and wants.

Why choose us?

  • Our huge range of options on quality timber floors, carpets
  • Our competitive prices
  • We comply with industry guidelines and meet industry standards
  • In addition to our quality products, we have the expertise and      experience in the flooring industry to assist you in making      informed decisions about your flooring needs.
  • Our primary focus is exceptional customer service
  • Our expert installation team
Vinyl Flooring Tarneit
Vinyl Flooring Tarneit

Discounted prices.
Installation experts.
Suppliers of a huge range of products
Competitive prices.
Offer expert advice to make informed decisions.
Undisputed customer service.
No project too small or too big
Targets always achieved to customer satisfaction